3d realistic... the key to your designs

architectural building designers;

  • *residential; alterations and additions *commercial building *retail shops - eg: coffee shops; kiosk; commercial kitchens; stainlesssteel benches and fridges design to manufacturers specification; bars; restaurants; take away shops; barbers shops; children play areas; butcher and chicken shops; kebab shops; clothing shops; etc.; to councils d.a.; c.c. and landlords for approval. 
  • *liaise with all services consultants eg: engineers; architects; landscapes arch; surveyors; pca; councils; landlords;

...at dezine888 pty ltd, we know youll be impressed by our detailed 3d building designs. we have a passion for creating 3d rendered images of the highest quality. our images ensure that our clients can see exactly how their business will look once all building work is complete. we will work closely with you and your architect throughout the building process to promote transparency and efficiency from start to finish...see 3d presentation.

...we appreciate that no two premises are the same, so we use our skills and 3d rendered technology to bring you building designs that are truly unique. as part of our services, we liaise with landlords and local authorities to make sure that all building designs and plans can go ahead successfully.

...here is a detailed over view of what to expect with our building design services:

  • once we receive all necessary information from your designer we will compile and develop your detailed images. we use the new sophisticated image creator, xtreme 3d, to complete designs in accordance with your designers specifications.
  • prior to construction of wire frame, dezine888 will discuss three-dimensional objects for the images with your designer.
  • we will supply a maximum of four images that include four views of the premises that have been decided amongst you and your designer. if more than four different views are required, we will negotiate expenses with the designer directly.
  • if we are asked to modify building designs by your designer we will happily change them. our first modification will be free of charge. after that, charges will appl y for any additional changes at a higher price than our hourly rate.
  • our four final 3d rendered images will be provided in a4 sized high gloss print, in your chosen four perspectives.
  • we will also supply copies of generic images as pdf, jpg or bmp on cds for future reference.

Our Values

Leadership: At dezine888 pty ltd, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a leader. Our company is always evolving as the needs or our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with dezine888 pty ltd, you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industry.

Customer Relations: At dezine888 pty ltd, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Superior customer service is the hallmark of dezine888 pty ltd. We are proud to serve you and work hard to...earn your business

landlords... dezine888 pty ltd  has worked to following landlords which client may able to browse and choose their future shop location.........................................................................


dezine888 can also assist you in selecting and negotiations with your commercial equipment.

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